Dr. Nidal M Atta Lawyers and Legal Consultants.

Dr. Nidal M Atta’s Law Firm - Lawyers and Legal Consultants is a member of the International Bar Association, the Arabian Lawyers’ Union, and widely certified arbitrator regarded as the pre-eminent law firm in Saudi Arabia, with unrivalled legal experience and expertise in the Kingdom. Our Law Firm noticed the new trend of local and global market, and the rapid development of markets locally in Saudi Arabia and international, therefore our office planned to meet the customer needs.
Our Law Firm is a legal counsel to companies and individuals engaged also in international business. We draw on our extensive experience and deep expertise to help our clients resolve international disputes and to advice on legal and commercial issues with an international dimension .
Our Law Firm offers one of best legal services in wide range of areas of practice (Administrative Law, Admiral Law, Antitrust and Competition, Arbitrations, Aviation Law, Banking Law, Business Law, Civil Law, Communications and IT, Company Law, Company formation, Company Setup, Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Custody and Detention, Debt Recovery, Energy Resources, Debtor and Creditor, Environmental Law, Estate Planning, Employment Law, International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Executions and Enforcement, Immigration Law, Health Care, Injury and Indemnities, Insurance Law, Family Law, International Law, Ethics Law, Investment Law, Leisure and Hotels , Science and Technology Law, Real Estate Law, Medical – Pharmaceutical, Litigations, Property Law, Sport Law, Tax Law, Transport Law, Commercial Law): Every lawyer / attorney, solicitor and barrister in the network of our Law Firm can claim solid expertise and recognized experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, and brilliant academic background, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.
Our Law Firm works for both companies and individuals, based on its solid experience, which has already convinced almost all our clients. We can guarantee that our services match the requirements of its customers and respects values which make a difference. Our Law Firm is constantly seeking to ensure excellence, the only acceptable standard for lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and barristers in Firm network is the success. We consider our self as a true partner of our clients, putting the expertise of the lawyers in our network at their disposal. We are aware that the success of our proceedings also depends on the quality of our relations and coordination with our customers, and we constantly ensure that our team listens via frequent contact and is highly reactive ensuring that tasks are performed within optimized lead times. We can offer a wide range of services, reliable recommendations, reactivity, listening and customized relations: our customers can naturally expect all of this and more from us.
Our Law Firm can offer a new approach to its customers of the best services at the best price as we clarifies ” We work with competent trustworthy professionals able to handle any type of proceedings, be they simple or complex, choosing the Right Lawyer to act on your behalf is the most important decision in the articulation to pave the road, in a complex, ever-changing legal environment, you need a Law Firm who understand that world – and understand you too. So, if you or your businesses need legal advice or legal assistance, contact our law office. Whatever the challenge, we can help you reach the best and right result.
Our Values
  • The legal profession of the most important professions and supervised , and its importance lies in the community in that it involved the judiciary in achieving justice in the confirmation of the rule of law and in ensuring the right to defend the rights and freedoms of citizens .
  • Our office has taken it upon himself to preserve the honor of the profession and its noble mission , and then the gentlemen lawyers office are paying their attention to the issues assigned to them and the way they teach and meet reality and the law to get to the truth and get to the right people.
  • The Office for clients to come before the courts and tribunals and administrative authorities with jurisdiction , administrative and official circles and defend clients in cases before them or to them and do the pleadings and judicial proceedings relating thereto .
  • The Office also work all the appeal procedures in provisions such as the opposition and appeal and cassation and review all civil judgments and legal , administrative and judicial decisions and the implementation of the query about the issues .
  • In summary, the office does all the work of the law in all branches of the legal work , service to the country and society and people , believing Bohambh role for the stability of the communities on both a personal and practical and reconcile with God .