Dr.Nidal Atta
Attorney at Law

Dr.Nidal Atta

Dr. Nidal Atta PhD American University in London,. Experience in all kinds the legal profession and the legal advice for more than twenty years, applied the law in various fields. keenness to adhere to the principles of the legal profession, and pleaded with all types of courts and judicial departments in various issues ,such as administrative

commercial, banking as well as disputes relating to maritime issues, air and issues of inheritance and endowments.

Dr. Atta specialized in many aspects as Mortgage priority litigation, Establish and register companies, certified arbitrator naval and air. Labor issues, Intellectual property, Contract negotiation, commercial title insurance law, Commercial real estate ,Consumer and commercial creditor's rights Litigation, Corporate litigation , Human resources, Negotiations expert, Budgeting expertise, Employee relations, Court procedures .

Dr. Atta is a manager team of 20 of professionals. Studied all aspects of quasi-judicial bodies to determine ramifications for cases, Counseled clients on terms of mortgage modification and mitigation offers, evaluated data involving assets, income, liabilities, expenditures and surpluses, Investigated complaints of retaliatory and discriminatory employment practices, Presented and summarized cases to judges, Filed appeals in state and General courts of appeal, retained as outside counsel for companies and businesses, Addressed contract-specific matters during case and precedent research, analyzed data to test compliance with all legal reporting regulations, conducted legal research and facts investigation for case litigation, Instituted judicial and extra-judicial proceedings, Developed detailed litigation strategies for each case, drafted and amended complaints, drafted all necessary motions relevant to each case, appeared for status conferences and settlement conferences, advised clients on upcoming meetings, strategically cross-examined witnesses in court, interviewed and prepared witnesses for felony cases, analyzed employer policies, procedures and work rules to verify full compliance, explained the legal process to each client and answered questions to help ease concerns, and assisted clients with legal issues, including consumer debt.

Mahmoud Mahmoud
Senior Legal counsel

Mahmoud Mahmoud

Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoud is the Senior Legal Consultant in Dr Nidal Atta Law firm, an Innovative Legal Consultant highly effective at developing creative case strategies and writing persuasive briefs. Mr. Mahmoud achieved his master from Salford University, Manchester.

His accomplishments summarized in, studying all aspects of quasi-judicial bodies to determine ramifications for cases, counseling clients on terms of mortgage modification and mitigation offers, evaluating data involving assets income, liabilities, expenditures and surpluses.

Also he has been done presented and summarized cases, retaining as outside counsel for companies and businesses, addressing contract-specific matters during case and precedent research, analyzing data to test compliance with all legal reporting regulations, advising clients of their rights. In addition to, offering extensive case status explanations to each client, drafting and amended complaints and all necessary motions relevant to each case, appearing for status conferences and settlement conferences, analyzing employer policies, procedures and work rules to verify full compliance, explaining the legal process to each client and answering questions to help ease concerns, and assisting clients with legal issues, including consumer debt.

Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoud has been a professor in Law specializes in commercial real estate transactions and litigation, and Initiates dialogue between all parties involved in the case. He has done several researches such as; Summary of commercial law in English, applications Murabaha contracts in Arabic, and Islamic contracts and transactions, compared with English law in English


Mr. Mohammad Atyia
Legal Consultant

Mr. Mohammad Atyia is a legal counsel in Dr. Nidal Atta Law firm graduated from Tanta University in Egypt 1997. He has been oriented, conscientious and organized counsel at Law with 14 years. Mr. Atyia is an expert in Formulate and prepare all types of suits, memorandums, and appeals memo for Various judicial authorities,Office of the Ombudsman, the General Court, the District Court, the Office of Labor, the Ministry of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, Administration and Reservation implementation, and Customs Committee. He Prepares and Drafts all types al of labor, Trade, and Construction Contracts in Arabic. Drafting contracts for the establishment of companies and the decisions of the partners Preparation and arrangement of public associations of both types of regular and non-regular Coordination and communication with all customers is the work, which constitutes an important aspect of Mr. Atya's personality.

Attorney Marwan Al-Rajraji

Attorney Marwan Al-Rajraji, a lawyer with more than 6 years experience, graduated from King Abdul-Aziz University Economics and administration, Law department. Highly motivated and creative Law school graduate committed to starting a long term career. Attorney Marwan is versed in Intellectual property, Contract negotiation, outstanding.
Public speaker, providing complaints advocacy in court, Order objections and provide consulting ,advised the client based on cases analysis and scaled, Fully aware of establishing a company registrations, procedures, and acquiring needed licenses, Drafting and preparing all sorts of the company's contracts and legal papers. A Strong leader, well experienced, Professional and personable, skilled mediator, expert in Commercial law, Administrative Judiciary, Corporate litigation, and all sorts of Court procedures

Ammar A. Salama

King Abdulaziz University

  • Experienced in litigation before all courts.
  • Different training courses in the legal ,media, public relations, administration and  financial fields.
  • Good researcher and reader.
  • Talented in analyzing and looking into details.
  • A really productive member of the Team.

Faisal I. Aseeri

Faisal I. Aseeri

  • King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah
  • An active and efficient member of our team.
  • Good command of computer and English language
  • Attended different training courses. 

Ms. Lama Ghabra

Ms. Lama Ghabra is a Diligent Attorney offering skill in innovative problem solving and finding unique theories, ideas and solutions to create effectual case arguments. She graduated from King Abdul-Aziz University College of Economics and administration, Law department
Since she has been hired in Dr. Nidal Atta Law firm based on her intelligent mentality, she has the skills of Professional and personable work, outstanding public speaker, Court procedures, legal analysis, and Legal Research Network. She is a Works aggressively to achieve continued success. Honest, Confident, Hard Worker and Good Learner.

Mr. Adam Youssif
IT Manager

An Interdisciplinary Electronics and Software Engineer experienced in high performance mixed signal system architecture, board-level design, custom backplanes, FPGA implementations, remote sensory, analog signal conditioning and test engineering Mr. Adam Babeker, has a bachelor of specialized in computer science.
He is qualified to Technical help desk experience, Programming and design skills, Web content management, Cross-tier components implementation, Database servers, Local remoter systems support, Content management systems, Storyboarding, Optimizing and performance tuning, Excellent problem solving skills, Proficiency in TCP/IP protocols, Structured query language (SQL) expert, Landing page development, Information security, Network asset management, Network penetration testing, Strong collaborative skills, Document management, and Capacity and scalability planning.
Mr. Adam joined Dr. Nidal Atta Law firm for more than 8 years. Assisted in the monitoring and reporting on website traffic and performance, Improved reliability of supply chain software, systems, database and order processing, Served as sole database administrator for Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL running on various operating systems, Developed IT strategic vision and drove key departmental objectives. Created HTML email templates and newsletters for e-mail marketing campaigns, Developed web-site mock-ups for the law firm to ensure quality control and satisfaction before project development phase.

Mr. Mohammad Alamin
Finance Manager

An effectual Finance Auditor with16 years experience in accounting and finance, Mr. Mohammad Alamin Offers a balance of strong attention to detail and expertise in conceptualizing the bigger financial picture. Mr. Alamin is the head of the accounting department and director of the personnel matters in Dr. Nidal Atta Law Firm.
He monitored new trends and technologies as they applied to audit areas, systematically prepared documents and assembled financial statements for independent auditors, tested the design and effectiveness of internal controls by completing walk-troughs of complex business processes, diligently monitored remediation plans to confirm proper resolution, and completed regulatory, pre-implementation and risk-based audits to achieve business objectives.

Mr. Abed Aref

Mr. Abed Aref is a High-energy Office Secretary, successful in building and motivating dynamic teams. Cultivates a company culture in which staff members feel comfortable voicing questions and concerns, as well as contributing new ideas that drive company growth. Mr. Abed has been working in Dr. Nidal Atta Law Firm since 2011.
He Receives phone calls and converts them to the employee is required, Receives and sends emails and faxes, the main Reception of the firm's clients, Reminds of appointments, Coordinates flight bookings and hotels for employee, Prints notes, Coordinates appointments, and Communicates with customers.